Unique cloud based call centre software.

Improve your customer service and increase your team's productivity with First Word.

What is First Word?

Cloud PBX

We provide an advanced PBX system that is hosted and operated through cloud technology. No need to hire special technicians or purchase fancy equipment. All you need is internet connection, a computer and a headset.

Call Centre Software

Empower your support or sales team through a feature-rich application, without the need for new hardware, on-site data centres or technicians. Our cloud solution has a smart user interface and remarkable built-in verification features.

What makes First Word unique?

In a shift from the traditional way of running outbound call centres, First Word has integrated customer information verification into our software. This gives you the ability to do:

Real-time verification

Ensure clients provide accurate identification and account details before delivering services or attempting to collect payments. First Word can verify:

Bank account details
Customer identity match
Contact details

Empower your team.

Raise your team's productivity and increase your cashflow with features like hot-desking, automatic ticket creation, parallel calls and call recording.

Call centre features

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