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Cloud PBX Features

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phone_forwarded Call Forwarding

Call forwarding enables you to forward your incoming calls to an external landline or a mobile number.

swap_calls Hot-Desking

Workstations can be shared by multiple personnel or where permanent desks are not allocated to individual employees.

voicemail Voicemail

Individual Voicemail, Voicemail General Access (group mailboxes), Direct to Voicemail

phone_paused Park and Retrieve

Incoming calls to be kept on hold until a team member becomes available. Each incoming call is allocated a slot number.

speaker_phone Intercom

Intercom calling alerts a team member to automatically answer and turn the phone into a loudspeaker.

all_out Conference calls

Create a conference bridge and simply dial in to join the conversation. Unlimited participants.

First Word PBX benefits

Our advanced PBX system that is hosted and operated through cloud technology. All you need is internet connection, a computer and a headset.

Save costs

First Word eliminates the capital expense of buying hardware and software and setting up and running on-site data centres for call centres.

Scale easily

Scale your operation and storage needs up or down. First Word can deliver the right amount computing power, storage and bandwidth when and where you need it.


First Word makes data backup, disaster recovery and business continuity easier and less expensive. Data is mirrored at multiple redundant sites on our network.

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